On this page, you will find all publications released on our main advocacy topics: briefing papers, fact sheets, reports, case studies…


  • The Waiting List. Addressing the immediate and long-term needs of victims of explosive weapons in Syria.
    2019, Report/Arms/ Explosive weapons.
    – the report ENG
    – the executive summary ENG / FR / DE / ESP
    – the testimony of Farah ENG / FR / DE / ESP
    – the types of injuries caused by explosive weapons ENG / FR / DE / ESP
  • Explosive hazards: another fear for the population in Mosul, EN.
    2018, Factsheet/Arms/ Explosive weapons.
  • The use of explosive weapons in populated area: it is time to act, here.
    2018, Briefing paper/Arms/ Explosive weapons.
  • Armed Violence and Disability: The Untold Story, here
    2012, Report/ Arms/ Conventional weapons.
  • Circle of impact: The fatal footprint of cluster munitions on people and communities, here.
    2007, Report/ Arms/ Cluster Munitions.


  • Accessing Rehabilitation Services: A Challenge To Overcome, ENG
    2019, Factsheet/ Inclusive Development/ Rehabilitation.
  • HI-GRA, Rehabilitation for the realisation of human rights and inclusive development, ENG FR
    2019, Report/ Inclusive Development/ Rehabilitation.
  • HI-UITP, Safe and accessible public transport for all: making SDG 11.2 a reality for all, report and leaflet.
    2019, Report/ Inclusive Development/ Road safety.
  • Making cities inclusive: safe mobility for persons with disabilities in developing countries:
    2018, Briefs/ Inclusive Development/ Road safety.

A general policy brief (français) and four thematic briefs highlight the links between safe mobility and:

road safety, (français)
access to education, (français)
access to employment, (français)
– and Disaster Risk Management, (français).

  • Rehabilitation Factsheets.
    2016, Factsheets/ Development/ Rehabilitation.

Introduction to the rehabilitation factsheets
Maternal health and rehabilitation
Child health and rehabilitation
Diabetes and rehabilitation
Cardiovascular diseases and rehabilitation
HIV/AIDS and rehabilitation
Road traffic injuries and rehabilitation

  • A human right to health: What about persons with disabilities? here.
    2015, Briefing paper/ Development/ Health and disability.
  • Why should rehabilitation be integrated into health systems? here.
    2015, Briefing paper/ Development/ Health related rehab.
  • Road safety: Focus on vulnerable users, here.              
    2015, Briefing paper/ Development/ Road safety.
  • Education for All: this is not a reality for most children with disabilities, here. 
    2015, Briefing paper/ Development/ Education.



  • Jobs and Livelihoods: ‘Focus on abilities not disabilities!’, here
    2017, Briefing paper/ Livelihoods.
  • The SCOPEO tool: Measuring the impact of our interventions: quality of life, safety and social and family participation, here 
    2015, Briefing paper/ Impact evaluation.
  • Inclusion: the key to essential disaster risk management, here.
    2015, Briefing paper/ DRM.
  • Make gender and disability inclusion work: Advancing equity for women and girls with disabilities, here.
    2015, Report/ Gender.
  • Advocacy with victims : Good Practice and Lessons Learned in Influencing Policy, here
    2013, Report/ Advocates Project.

Victim assistance:

  • An integrated approach to victim assistance in Cambodia and the role of Australia as a supporting State, here
    2018, Case Study/ Victim assistance.
  • Victim assistance in the context of the use of explosive weapons in populated area,  here
    2016, Study/ Victim assistance.
  • Situation analysis of mine/erw survivors and other persons with disabilities, here.
    2016, Study/ Victim assistance.
  • Guidance on an Integrated Approach to Victim Assistance – By States for States, here.
    2016, Study/ Victim assistance.
  • The way forward on victim assistance, here
    2014, Briefing Paper/ Victim assistance.
  • How to implement victim assistance obligations? here
    2013, Factsheets/ Victim assistance.
    Download English, French & Arabic versions. Other languages available upon request: Dari, Lao, Myanmar, Pashto, Persian, Portuguese, Spanish.
  • How to ensure mine/ERW survivors participate in, and benefit from, disability-inclusive development? here
    2014, Issue briefs/ Victim assistance.


  • The Making It Work initiative aims at identifying solutions to advance the rights of persons with disabilities and the SDGs for lasting improvements in the lives of persons with disabilities:
  • Humanitariandisarmament.org aims to increase public awareness of humanitarian disarmament while serving as a hub of information for practitioners in the field: