ALERT – Joint NGO Statement on Yemen ahead of the 74th UN General Assembly

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After almost five years of conflict, and despite all efforts to halt displacement, hunger and disease, Yemen remains the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. HI along with 25 NGOs call the international community to apply concerted pressure to all parties to the conflict.

Yemen: Humanitarian Crisis in Free Fall

The suffering inflicted on Yemeni people is entirely manmade and will continue to deteriorate rapidly on all fronts without urgent action to end the violence, and to address humanitarian needs. Unfortunately, despite the Stockholm agreement, the situation for ordinary Yemenis has altered little since last year, with growing numbers of humanitarian need[1], and escalating violence all highlighting the deteriorating situation.

Only a political solution can bring the war to an end and reinstate peace in Yemen and support lasting solutions to the dire humanitarian situation. All parties must immediately cease hostilities, agree to a nationwide ceasefire, and cooperate in ‘good faith’ with UN Special Envoy Martin Griffith’s, and help restart a broader peace process.

See the full statement here and below:

Joint NGO Statement on YEMEN for UNGA_2019_FINAL_with logos