ALERT – HI joins the global movement for universal health coverage

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On May 21st, at marge of the World Health Assembly, Humanity & Inclusion (HI) signed the partnership with UHC 2030, a multistakeholder platforms that aims to accelerate progresses towards universal health coverage (UHC).

UHC 2030 partners include governments, multilateral organisations, NGOs, philantropic organisations, and the private sector. UHC 2030 promotes UHC via health system strengthening, focusing on five dimensions : equity, quality, responsiveness, efficiency, and resilience.

UHC is based on the principle that all individuals and communities should have access to quality essential health services without suffering financial hardship. The inclusion of UHC in the SDGs (target 3.8) presents an opportunity to promote a comprehensive and coherent approach, whild holding governments accountable for their actions towards UHC.

As countries move towards this target, it is crucial to ensure that generic and specific health needs of persons with disabilities are included in essential packages of care and covered by financial risk protection mechanisms. Persons with disabilities have a 50% higher risk, compared to the population without disabilities, of facing catastrophic health care costs, and because of financial barriers they are more likely to avoid seeking the care they need.  For example, the need for rehabilitation is largely unmet, not only because rehabilitation services are often unavailable, but also because they are unaffordable. Health insurance is a common mechanism for decreasing financial barriers to health services, yet inclusion of rehabilitation in insurance coverage is variable, and, in many parts of the world, health insurance protects only a minority of the population.

« The UHC 2030 global movement has the leverage to accelerate progresses towards stronger health systems and to translate the ‘leave none behind imperative’ in reality. Therefore, we are honored of joining UHC 2030 » said Petra Schroeter, Director of Institutional Relations and Funding at HI Switzerland, during the Signing Ceremony.

By joining UHC 2030, Hi commits to a Global Compact, illustrating the common vision and the principles of this global movement. Within UHC 2030, HI will leverage the importance of inclusive health, rehabilitation, and participation of persons with disabilities and their representative organisations in health policies and financing mechanisms.