ALERT – Libya: Lives of civilians in danger

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On 4 April, the forces of the Libyan National Army launched an offensive against the forces aligned with the Government of National Accord to take control of Tripoli.

HI expresses its deep concern about the fighting on the outskirts of the capital Tripoli, which is putting many civilians at risk as it spreads to residential areas. The humanitarian impact of the clashes could be devastating for civilians. The deterioration of the security situation has led to the near-total cessation of the activities of HI in Tripoli.

HI condemns any use of explosive weapons with large-area effect, such as mortar fire or artillery, in populated areas. Parties to the conflict must do everything possible to protect civilians and, in particular, not carry out attacks with weapons that indiscriminately hit civilians.

According to the UN, 4,500 people have already fled the fighting; many families remain blocked by the clashes. 47 people have been killed (including five civilians) and 181 wounded.

HI has been running an international campaign Stop Bombing Civilians to urge States to take action against the use of explosive weapons in populated areas since 2016 (see here). 90% of the victims of this practice are civilians.