ALERT – New Publication: An Integrated Approach to Victim Assistance in Cambodia

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The case study reviews how Cambodia, as an affected state, and Australia as a donor, promote the provision of victim assistance in different sectors including health, rehabilitation, disability, socio-economic development and poverty reduction.

It documents promising practices and proposes next steps to ensure the sustainability of victim assistance provision in the near and long-term future, describing both .

  1. Broader multi-sector efforts that reach casualties, survivors and indirect victims; and,
  2. Specific victim assistance efforts deployed by mine action stakeholders, and other actors in charge of coordinating victim assistance in Cambodia, and Australia as a donor state to improve victims’ quality of life.

The study underlines the need to connect specific efforts that bridge gaps in data collection and service provision and broader efforts to ensure the use and sustainability of services and support in both the near and long term future. Thus, it aims to inspire the mine action community in both affected and donor states to increase its contribution to victim assistance.

Download the study here.

HI Study 2018 Victim Assistance in Cambodia