ALERT – Our latest annual report is out !

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The Handicap International Foundation recently changed its name to become the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action but what else is new?

Since its creation in 2015, the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action has been publishing in June an annual report of its activities. The year was all about continuity and change …

Keeping a watchful eye on the operationalization of our ethical guidelines

Humanity & Inclusion’s teams are faced with a variety of positioning issues in their day-to-day work and rely on the HI Institute to help them analyse the ethical implications and promote principled humanitarian decisions. This year, as in previous years, our team issued almost 150 recommendations on operational issues. These recommendations, based on HI’s principles of intervention and ethical positioning, are intended to safeguard the organization’s values, the philosophy of our action and our operational independence in a global context where instrumentalization, intrusion and amalgams are all too common.

Developing and updating HI’s ethical positioning

Among the several topics discussed throughout the year, one was new and of particular interest for our staff members. This year, the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action indeed worked on HI’s“environmental agenda” – our organization’s positioning on all matters concerning the environment. By virtue of the principle “Do no harm”, HI has undertaken to limit the impact that its actions and its HQ and field offices may have on the environment. This project was carried out at the request of the Strategy and Development Division (DSD) and will form the basis of a reference document, “The Environmental Agenda”, to be disseminated by the DSD in the second half of 2018.

Fostering the debate of ideas …

To extend the reach of the ideas promoted by the Humanity & Inclusion network, the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action contributes to the key debates that shape our professional environment. Here are some examples …

In January 2018, the HI Institute thus ran a workshop at the Forum Espace Humanitaire (a discussion seminar on humanitarian action) on the links between NGOS and commercial actors. Mainly intended for the managers of French NGOS engaged in emergency and development actions and the heads of UN agencies, the aim of this discussion forum, organised since 2009, is to identify the paradigms facing aid workers today.

As part of its role in the monitoring of migration issues, in October and December 2017 and again in March and April 2018, one of our team members took part in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) formal consultations on the global compact on refugees. In December 2017, the latter also took part in the tenth annual High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection Challenges in Geneva.

As a member of an International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) consultation group, the HI Institute also participated in reflections on protection issues, contributing towards the latest version of the “Professional Standards for Protection Work », published on 30th April and promoted collectively by all the organizations that contributed to it.

… and contributing to publications or research

Since April 2015, the HI Institute on Humanitarian Action has supported the publication of Humanitarian Alternatives, a bilingual journal offering Francophone researchers and humanitarian operators a forum for expressing their views on issues affecting the international aid and development sector.

The HI Institute is also involved in a major research project, the Humanitarian Encyclopaedia, directed by Geneva University’s Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH). Launched in 2017, the aim of this project is to analyze the diversity of the “humanitarian language” and provide dynamic access to the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural concepts that compose today’s humanitarian world in order to ensure everyone not necessarily interprets them in the same way but at least, understand each other.

To read our latest annual report:

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