ALERT – Humanity & Inclusion is the new name of Handicap International

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To coincide with its 35th anniversary, the organisation has developed a name that more clearly reflects its values and mission, and a strong and resonant new logo.

Today January 24th, Humanity & Inclusion becomes the new name of the global network of Handicap International.

This network is composed of a federation, and national associations known as “Handicap International” in continental Europe (France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg) and “Humanity & Inclusion” in Canada, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

The Federation implements our programmes in the field in around sixty countries, operating under the names “Humanity & Inclusion” or “Handicap International”, depending on the country.

A new name and a new logo

“Humanity & Inclusion”, the new name of HI’s international network expresses one of our organisation’s central values, humanity, reflected in a benevolent and empathic approach to our actions, close proximity with the beneficiaries of our programmes and respect for each person’s individuality.

This name also reflects an ambition that has driven our action for the last 35 years: the inclusion of people with disabilities and vulnerable people who are so often overlooked.

The word “inclusion” is not yet part of people’s everyday language, but HI will make sure it becomes broadly understood. Simply, it is the opposite of exclusion. It means ensuring that everyone has a place in the community, each person’s individuality is respected and difference is seen as a way to enrich our society.

For the first time in our organisation’s history, our logo contains a very powerful symbol – a hand. The hand is a universal and immediately recognisable symbol that transcends language and culture. It can be seen as a friendly greeting but also as calling a halt, a raised hand saying “stop!”. Fighting for the inclusion of people with disabilities and against cowardly weapons is a fundamental aspect of the organisation’s DNA.

From now on, it will be manifested in this powerful symbol.