ALERT – The Global Partnership for Education endorsed the Call to Action!

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Today, on the 22nd January, HI is pleased to announce that the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) have endorsed our “Call to Action” (CTA) for increased investment in disability-inclusive education.

Towards the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment Conference

This is an important and vital step forward in our fight for global recognition to do more to fund education for children with disabilities. It coincides with a day of action to remind world leaders that there are just 10 days left before the Global Partnership for Education Replenishment Conference (in Dakar, Senegal), for donors, national governments and the private sector to #ShapeTheFuture for the most marginalized children, including children with disabilities. HI will also be attending this conference and co-hosting a session on this topic to try to influence heads of state, ministers and donors who will be attending.

The systematic neglect of children with disabilities is one of the most glaring oversights both in domestic and international education financing. Greater investment is needed to redress the neglect of the past and accelerate system-wide changes that embrace inclusion and the provision of support to meet the individual needs of learners with disabilities.

A call to increase financial contributions to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

This call to action, now endorsed by the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), calls on donors and governments to significantly step up action and show their commitment to deliver on the promise of the Sustainable Development Goals to ‘leave no-one behind’. It also calls specifically for an increase in financial contributions to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) to fulfil Goal 2 of the GPE Strategic Plan 2020, of increased equity, gender equality and inclusion for all in a full cycle of quality education, targeting the poorest and most marginalized, including children with disabilities.

Our aim is to now increase the number of signatories to the call to action to 200 organisations by the GPE conference on 2nd February.  The revised wording now allows for the private sector and governments to endorse it which will hopefully allow us to gain more endorsements.

Together we will be able to make a difference and shine a spotlight on this important but often neglected issue!

Read the call here.

Julia McGeownAuthor:

Julia McGeown is Inclusive Education Technical Advisor at Handicap International. She is also a member of the Inclusive Education Task Group of the International Disability and Development Consortium (IDDC).

HI is a founding member of IDDC and we are members of many of its task groups. The Inclusive Education Task group has been very active in recent years, and one key area we have been advocating for is to increase the global financial investment in inclusive education focussed on children with disabilities in particular.