ALERT – “Everywhere the bombing followed us”, Ranim’s story

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Watch “Ranim’s story”, a multi-episode story based on real life stories of women refugees who fled Syria to escape the bombing and took refuge in Lebanon.

Based on a survey of 205 Syrian refugees in Lebanon and in-depth interviews with 14 Syrian women refugees originally from different towns and cities in Syria, and additional research, our new study “Everywhere the bombing followed us” shows that the use of explosive weapons in populated areas drives multiple forced displacements and induces a pattern of displacement that increases the vulnerability of civilians.

Episode 1 ‘Shattered


Episode 2 ‘Displaced


Episode 3 ‘Desperate


Episode 4 ‘Injured


Episode 5 ‘Safe

Handicap International calls on the international community to end the use of explosive weapons with wide-area effects in populated areas.

Protection and access to humanitarian assistance must be ensured to those affected by the crisis, including women, persons with injuries, persons with disabilities and the most vulnerable.

The rights of all victims of explosive weapons from all impacted areas must be recognised. Furthermore, all forcibly-displaced people must be given a haven, and in the long run, a durable solution that fully respects their dignity must be found.

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