ISPOWER campaign : Mamdouh – 71 years old – a force of nature

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In the context of the #ISPOWER campaign, Handicap International has collected stories from P&O devices’ from all over the world.

Today, we talk about Mamdouh – 71 years’ old, from Syria.

Mamdouh, 71 years old, has been suffering from diabetes for many years. Three years ago, his house in Syria was hit by an airstrike. He decided to flee to Lebanon with his family. When they settled there, Mamdouh’s diabetes worsened. He had to be amputated of his right leg in 2015.

© Till Mayer / Handicap International

© Till Mayer / Handicap International

Handicap International recently provided Mamdouh with his very first prosthesis, giving him a chance to walk again. “He did not sleep for two days when he was told that Handicap International’s workers were coming with the prosthesis. He was so excited!”, says Mamdouh’s wife, Mouna.

Mamdouh underwent various assessments, to evaluate both his will to use a new leg and his ability to be fitted. He fought to quickly receive his prosthesis.  “He is a very active man” explains Mouna, “he worked all of his life and he misses it terribly.”  In Syria, Mamdouh owned and managed a clothes factory. When the family fled to Lebanon, Mamdouh started working at a factory, as a simple employee. “It didn’t matter” he explains, “I just wanted to work.”

In 2015, Mamdouh went through four surgical operations before being amputated of his right leg. Forced to stop working for the first time in his life, he became extremely depressed. One day, his wife decided to call Handicap International for help. They started following him in January 2016.

“When I met the Handicap International team, my hope finally came back. I can be independent again. Psychologically, I can finally recover. I feel really grateful. I just cannot wait to go back to work. My only wish is to be able to provide for my family and to live with dignity. That’s all I need to be happy”.