ISPOWER campaign : Kanhara – 10 years old – a fight towards independent mobility

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In the context of the #ISPOWER campaign, Handicap International has collected stories from P&O devices’ from all over the world.

Today, we talk about Kanhara – 10 years’ old, from Cambodia.

Kanhara, 10 years old, lives with her parents, brothers and sisters in a village on the road connecting the cities of Kompong Cham and Siem Reap, in Cambodia.

© S. de Groeve/Handicap International

© S. de Groeve/Handicap International

This little girl had to have her right leg and arm amputated after being hit by a truck when she was four.

Her mother has a vivid memory of the events. “She was playing alongside the road with friends. A truck came down the road. The impact almost tore off her arm and leg. She was first taken to the hospital in Kompong Cham, but she was in such dire condition that the doctor who examined her did not want to admit her. So, she was transferred to Phnom Penh.”

In Phnom Penh, she underwent major operations. Some of the skin from her left leg had to be taken to treat the injured shoulder. She stayed in the hospital for six months. But Kanhara fought and she survived. She was able to return home.

One day in 2015, one of the social workers at Handicap International rehabilitation center in Kompong Cham, came to the village. She met Kanhara and accompanied her to the center to receive prosthesis.

Now she walks to school where she is a good pupil. She is growing up, just like all the children. Every day, she becomes more independent. “She gets dressed and puts on her prosthesis all on her own. And she also looks after her little brother and youngest sister.”  In the future, she hopes to become a singer like her father. And if you were to ask her what her dream is, she simply replies: To have a car of my own later. A blue one. That’s my favourite colour…”