COMING UP – Climate Change, when Disaster Risk Reduction meets adaptation

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During the COP21, Handicap International, together with other members of the French Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) network (Care, MDM, the French Red Cross, ACF, Solidarités, ACTED, URD, IOM) hosted a breakfast in the Climate Generation Space of the Bourget, on the 5th December 2015.

87% of natural disasters recorded in 2014 were related to climate and 211 million people were affected, five times the number of victims of conflicts.
Since 2012, the French network of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) brings together various French NGOs and organizations so they can share their expertise on DRR and Climate Change Adaptation (CCA), and wear common advocacy messages to educate the public and governments to the importance of these two topics. The objective of the event hosted on teh 5th of December was to illustrate the links between DRR and CCA and to give concrete examples of the application in the field.

Véronique Walbaum, DRM Technical Advisor, represented Handicap International. She emphasized that the most at-risk populations, including people with disabilities, are the most impacted by natural disasters and the consequences of climate change, and shared key recommendations :

  • A participatory approach must be promoted, in which the most vulnerable populations ( including people with disabilities) contribute to the elaboration and the implementation of disaster risk management policies and CCA.
  • Capacity building of local actors and governments must be supported to be prepared and to respond to disasters in order to reduce the impacts of climate change.
  • DRR and CCA must be integrated in the design and the implementation of emergency, recovery and development actions.
  • Public and private funding for DRR and CCA locally, nationally and internationally should significantly increase.
  • Common  monitoring and evaluation mechanisms for international agreements ( sustainable development goals, Sendai framework , COP21 , financing for development , etc …) should be implemented.

Please click here to read teh briefing realised for the event.

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For further information on the topic, see also a MOOC made by CARE  entitled Climate change: impacts and solutions for the most vulnerable populations (in English). This course consists of 14 videos of 2 minutes explaining the challenges of climate change and the solutions implemented by CARE.

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