ALERT – Improving access to rehabilitation to empower people with impaired mobility

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Handicap International has joined the #ISPOWER awareness raising campaign, launched in June this year, by the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics [ISPO]. The aim of this campaign is to improve access to Assistive Health Technology & care for people with disabilities in order to enhance their participation to the society.

Today, on the International Day for persons with disabilities, the #ISPOWER campaign is making a call to action in order to remind decision makers how much Assistive Health Technology [AHT] & care are needed to help people with impaired mobility to gain independence. It is also calls to action reminding us that, as much as those are important for people to reach an optimum level of functioning, access to such technologies and to rehabilitation services in general remain scarce.



According to the WHO, currently only 5%-15% of the people who require Prostheses & Orthoses [P&O] or AHT devices actually get them. In 2050, it is anticipated that there will be 2 billion people in need of assistive devices with only 1 in 20 having access to them.

Through the mobilization of a network of campaigners all over the world and starting with a focus on 5pilot countries -Brazil, France, Pakistan, Rwanda and South Africa- the #ISPOWER campaign is committed, through a wide range of activities to:
Raise public and decision makers’ awareness and understanding of the importance of P&O and AHT care in helping to transform the lives of people with impaired mobility and integrate them into society
Create a global movement for improved access to P&O and AHT care, social inclusion and mobility
Build a central platform around which all players – ISPO Member Societies, international and regional organizations, local user groups and others – can work together

Handicap International has a long experience working in rehabilitation and has been advocacting towards decision makers to increase their knowledge and awareness of rehabilitation as well as to ensure rehabilitation is fully integrated into health systems. “Evidence have demonstrated, with the population ageing, the rise in chronic diseases and all injuries due to road crashes, conflict or disasters, that there will be a growing need and demand for rehabilitation in the decades to come. There is therefore also an urgency for decision makers to take appropriate measures to address this situation and answer the needs” says Graziella Lippolis Technical Referrent for Rehabilitation  at Handicap International.

Read the Press release to know more about the #ISPOWER initiative:


PRESS RELEASE – 3 December 2015 EN